Thank you so much for stopping by my closet sale! If you came here from Home Sweet Ruby, thanks for taking a look!

I worked for five years in an office environment before moving and having the opportunity to work from home. I finally decided that with our first baby on the way, it was time to let go of my favorite business-wear. 

My husband says if I can sell some of this stuff, he'll let me buy the rocker I've been eying for the baby's nursery. Yay!

 Most items are size 8 or 10 but can easily be altered if you are smaller.

All items are marked with their condition, so you won't have any doubt when you purchase an item. There are only two items (a David's Bridal dress and a suit) that are over $15. All items are from Ann Taylor, Express, the Loft, the Limited, or H&M.

 If you work in an office and are sick of buying expensive clothing, only to wear it from 9 to 5, I hope you'll appreciate some great quality items for very little investment! 

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